Our resort offers on 2 hectares pure spring water from the mountains, well-kept meadows, beautiful fishing spots, the Seestüberl with its terrace by the water and the direct view of the north walls of the Wilder Kaiser. There is also a market square with a farm shop where you can buy fresh products from the region.

We would like to offer the fishermen an opportunity to fish in a pleasant atmosphere, to lead children with their family to the natural product fish and offer healthy, biologically valuable products. Further do we attach great importance to a natural, simple way in the preparation of the meals and we primarily use products from our region, for example fresh salads, mostly from our garden.

We strive to fulfill all of our criteria. But nobody is perfect , we`re only homan, so sometimes a mistake can happen. We would like to know from our guests their opinion an experiece an the Quellfisch Resort and therefore we have set up the contact page. Please write us your opinion, we would like to get in touch with you and learn from each other.


Sepp Oberhauser




It starts again !

OPEN daily 8am – 6pm

OPEN daily 8am – 6pm

OPENING 25th April 2019 / OPEN daily 8am – 6pm

OPEN daily 8am – 6pm
Day off: thursday

+43 (0) 5375 / 6807



Dear friends, customers, fishermen and connoisseurs,

SEASON OPENING in the Quellfisch NatuResorTirol

Season Opening was on Saturday 6th APRIL 2019.
From now on we are open daily for you again.

We look forward to seeing you.

If you need any information or if you have a request kindly call:
for the Restaurant Sabine: CEL +43/(0)676/423 76 39 or +43(0)5375 / 6807
Fishing requests Reception: +43(0)5375 / 6807 – 10
Marketplace: +43(0)660 / 648 86 07
in emergencies call the boss: +43(0)664 / 1313222

For a HOLIDAY in Schwendt we recommend:
the Feriengut Unterhochstätt , Unterschwendt 21, Tel: +43 (0) 5375 64750
or the Schwendterwirt : Schwendterwirt, Dorf 4, Tel: +43 (0) 5375 6716

Become our



Benefit from your membership options: member, friend, partner or sponsor with special discounts and benefits.

Be Our Partner

If you book a dinner table once in the season with 10 friends of you and from us for example the grill menu we invite you to your meal.

At 5 invitations with min. 6 friends per season, we invite you to our club trip in the fall with wine tasting.

From 10 invitations on with 6 friends per season you will receive the golden spring fish needle, the club trip and a party for 4 people.

Be a Quellfisch – Sponsor

Annual contribution:
€ 500,– p. year / p. person

With a membership card you will receive 5% of your consumption of shopping and fishing at the end of the year as a credit for you and
2 accompanying persons.
(a total of 3 persons).

As well as participation in the autumn discourse at which we want to discuss and decide on our further development incl. dinner with great wine accompaniment and music.

Be a Quellfisch – Friend

Annual contribution:
€ 100,– p. year / p. person

With a membership card you will receive 3% of your con-
sumption of shopping and fishing at the end of the year as a credit for you and
1 accompanying persons.

Be a Quellfisch – Member

Annual contribution:
€ 10,– p. year / p. person

With a membership card you will receive 2% of your consumption of shopping and fishing at the end of the year as a credit.

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Sorry, there is currently no upcoming event. We are looking forward to the upcoming season with you.
  • We host YOUR party. We organize private parties for YOU, such as birthdays, company parties, weddings, confirmation, first communion etc., also in the evening, just call us at:          +43/(0)5375/6807.

    Sabine Zardini
  • At our marketplace, you can get specialities from our village Schwendt and of course our fish, we also design gift baskets for every occasion according to your wishes.

    Sepp Oberhauser
  • “My absolute highlight is eating the self-caught fish, which will be prepared in the Seestüberl, on the breathtaking lakeside terrace.”

    Kjell Benninger