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The Quellfisch Resort - Schwendt consists of 3 fishing ponds: the large fishing pond with a size of approx. 10.000 m2, the family pond with approx. 1.700 m2 and the spring pond with approx. 650 m2. You can fish chars, rainbow-, salmon-, brook-, sea- and gold trout from 250 gr. to 1.500 gr and with luck also bigger.

The warm temperature is back and so the Resort is already

OPEN since Saturday 6th April 2019 for you.

The fish pond is now open again every day from 8am to 6pm. In the hot summer months (July / Aug.) you can also use the cool evening hours until 9:30pm.

There are three fishing ponds, where everybody is allowed to fish:

a large pond for the professionals, the family and beginners pond and the spring pond with fish rarities such as the char, lake, brook or gold trout.

For the fly-fishers among you, we have a reserved wayside of about 80 m length on which you can see the fish very well by the optimal light incidence and thus can tackle specifically.

*** FLY FISHING AREA – at the big pond ***

Fishing Equipment:
You can borrow everything from the fishing rod to hooks, buckets, landing net, etc.
Fishing equipment and baits can also be purchased.

For guests of the region we freeze the catch until the departure!

The large pond with almost one hectare area with 12 million liter spring water, is occupied with about 2500 fish between 400 g and 1.5 kg.

At certain times, we apply larger fish up to 2.5 kg.

The “Springwater pond” with 650 m2 is occupied by:
char, gold trout, sea trout and brook trout from 350 g to 1,5 kg.

The family pond has 1700 m2, there you can find rainbow trout to 250g and gold trout of the same size, so that Dad can show the children how to fish the right way.

For children and parents, there will be a virtual training from 2018 on, where the basic rules and important things about fish will be teached before fishing.

We pay special attention to:

  • optimal water quality (spring water)
  • Low stocking dens, because fish needs habitat
  • Best food
  • Polyculture in the pond
  • Desinfection of fishing equipment, boots and in particular all fishing articles that are brought from fishers from home –
    we ask for your understanding.

What fish do you find in the ponds:



You can receive all fish smoked or marinated on pre-order.
On stock are always smoked rainbow trout and char as a whole fish or filleted.


Entrance card for 4 hours fishing-pleasure 6,00 €.
At the end of fishing all of your catch will be weight exactly per kilograms and fish species.
Family pond and spring pond Special: children up to 10 years free
(from 11 years 6,00 €, accompanying persons (non-fishing) 3,00 € (refund as a consumption voucher)


The caught fish are billed according to kilogram and species of fish when leaving the pond:

  • Rainbow trout € 12,30 / kg
  • Salmon trout € 13,50 / kg
  • char € 16,80 / kg
  • golden trout € 17,80 / kg
  • brown and river trout : daily prices

All fishing equipment can be rented such as rod, net, plier, etc. as well as bait.
fishing rod € 3,– / large rod € 5,–
lean rod € 1,50
landing net € 1,50

Fishing rules 2019

  • Every fisher gets a day ticket at the entrance. This must be kept until final payment and must be returned when leaving the fishing pond (in case of
    loss € 20.- must be paid).
  • With handing out the ticket, the visitor agrees to the rules of the resort without exception and follows the instruction of the staff.
  • Don`t put back caught fish into the lake.
  • At the fly fishing area no companion is allowed.
  • Please do not use live or dead bait fish – crayfish, shrimps, twins or triplets bait, very large water balls, rubber fish, turn signals, wobblers, spinners, pirkers or harpoons.
  • For fly fishing use bait like: aerobatics + streamers
    for spin fishing: maggots, corn, mealworms and trout dough.
  • No cutting or cleaning of fish directly at the lake.
  • Keepnets are not allowed. Please kill the fish right away after it was caught and do not let it suffer.
  • Gill or throat cuts are not allowed.
  • A landing net is necessary (rental possible)
  • Parents are responsible for their children throughout the area. For kids entering the fishing pond is only allowed with their parents or a companion.
  • The resort is not liable for accidents.
  • Caught fish can be cooled for free until you leave the resort.
  • Kaiserwinkl guest card holders can pack and freeze caught fish at the resort until end of holiday.

We wish all visitors a good catch and a nice time at the Quellfisch NatuResorTirol.